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Ad 2 is not just another networking group, it’s the key to launching a successful career in all advertising industry segments—agencies, media companies, clients and suppliers.

Ad 2 is a collaborative community of passionate, forward-thinking and motivated professionals that are making a difference in their local communities and their industry. Together with the American Advertising Federation, Ad 2 fosters the professional development for advertising professionals 32 and under through public service and education in order to promote and protect the well-being of advertising. 

Our community of 19 (and counting!) local chapters across the United States turns the dynamic world of advertising into a natural incubator for professionals to grow, learn and accelerate their careers with like-minded peers. Our members exchange ideas and contacts necessary to become advertising leaders through networking events, professional development seminars, and public service initiatives. 

Are you ready to: 

  • Meet new people? 

  • Learn something new? 

  • Be recognized for your talents? 

  • Take on a leadership role? 

  • Change your community or perhaps the world?

Then it’s time for you to join the movement of Ad 2 and unlock the next level of your career.

View our Ad 2 National bylaws here

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Ariana Peters.jpg

Ariana Peters


Why Ad 2? 

I originally joined Ad 2 through Public Service, as a way to build professional skills after graduating college. The sheer amount of connections and friends I've made is what's kept me in the organization after so many years. 

Whats your day job? 

Currently, I work as a Customer Success Manager at Catalina Marketing. 

What's your Ad 2/AAF History?

I joined Ad 2 in 2017, participating in Public Service. After that, I bounced around different leadership roles, including Membership Director and President of my local club, Ad 2 Tampa Bay. I joined the Ad 2 National Executive Team in 2021. 

Ask me about:
My last vacation! I love traveling to exotic places when I have the time. I'm on a quest to visit EVERY continent (I've been to 5 so far)!

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