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MYR 2020

Pt. 1: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 | 8 - 9:30 pm ET

Pt. 2: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 | 7 - 8:30 pm ET

Ad 2 National Mid-Year Retreat (MYR) is one of two national events hosted annually by Ad 2 National. MYR is an opportunity to learn what's happening at the national level, connect with fellow leaders and peers across the nation, and to exchange ideas/learn best practices for club operations.

The retreat programming is geared toward current Ad 2 leaders (Presidents, local board members, and comittee members), though it is open to anyone who is an Ad 2 member. In limited cases, Ad 2 National will invite individuals who are not necessarily Ad 2 members, but are looking to start a club.

Historically, MYR is an in-person event held the first weekend in November, and hosted by a local Ad 2 club selected at the Ad 2 National Board of Directors meeting the preceeding Admerica. However, due to COVID-19, Ad 2 National has decided to move this year’s 2020 Mid-Year Retreat to a virtual experience in order to maintain the safety of our club leaders. 

Details for the 2020 Mid-Year Retreat are as follows: ​

  • Dress: Whatever you feel comfortable in. Casual, but with class. It will be virtual this year! 

  • Attendees: Any Ad 2 member or potential club member; Highly recommend President, Vice President, and potential club leaders.

  • Location: Anywhere online 

  • Conference: Over Zoom in the comfort of everyone’s homes. 

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Luke Goetting from Puffingston Presentations - 10/27

  • Tony Pullarmo from Red Mesa Restaurant Group - 11/17 

  • Dr. Karen Lindsey, Ph.D from TCU - 11/17

  • Silvana Massolo from Advertising Addicts - 11/17

FAQs about Ad 2 Mid-Year Retreat: 

  • Who should attend? Any Ad 2 member or potential member/club.

  • How much should we budget? The conference is free, but clubs need to be able to cover transportation cost, hotel, and food (expenses you don't have to worry about this year).

  • What happens at the conference? We will have several panels, small group sessions, and breakout topics to discuss how to better your club and your leadership skills.

  • Which board members should attend? We recommend Presidents, Vice Presidents and potential future leaders of your club.

  • What if we cannot afford to bring all of these people? Aim to bring at least one representative of your club. A Vice President or incoming Presidential candidate is a good choice. 

  • How to host Mid-Year Retreat? The applications go out in January-February of every year. Applicants must present their case at ADMERICA during the summer where Ad 2 members will vote on the winning city.

If you have more questions about hosting or attending Ad 2 Mid-Year Retreat, please contact the Vice Chair: vicechair@ad2.org or 2nd Vice Chair: secretary@ad2.org.