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Mid-Year Retreat this year will be October 29-31 on Halloweekend! 

Ad 2 National Mid-Year Retreat (MYR) is one of two national events hosted annually by Ad 2 National. MYR is an opportunity to learn what's happening at the national level, connect with fellow leaders and peers across the nation, and to exchange ideas/learn best practices for club operations.

The retreat programming is geared toward current Ad 2 leaders (Presidents, local board members, and committee members), though it is open to anyone who is an Ad 2 member. In limited cases, Ad 2 National will invite individuals who are not necessarily Ad 2 members, but are looking to start a club.

MYR is an in-person/virtual event held late October or first weekend in November, and hosted by a local Ad 2 club selected at the Ad 2 National Board of Directors meeting the preceding ADMERICA. 

Details for the 2021 Mid-Year Retreat: ​​

  • Friday night, 10/29 - Welcome Happy Hour

  • Saturday, 10/30 - Mid-Year Retreat (confirming venue, most likely KC agency) and Ad 2 National Dinner 

  • There will be a registration fee ($75 in-person and $35 for virtual).

    • FYI, the last in-person MYR in Dallas was $75 (this includes the breakfast/lunch during the Saturday conference and Ad 2 National dinner on Saturday). 

Keynote Speakers: 

  • Speaker lineup to come! 

FAQs about Ad 2 Mid-Year Retreat: 

  • Who should attend? Any Ad 2 member or potential member/club.

  • How much should we budget? There will be a registration fee. For reference, the last in-person MYR was $75 (this includes the breakfast/ lunch during the Saturday conference and Ad 2 National dinner on Saturday). Clubs need to be able to cover transportation cost, hotel, and other food besides on Saturday.

  • What happens at the conference? We will have several panels, small group sessions, and breakout topics to discuss how to better your club and your leadership skills.

  • Which board members should attend? We recommend Presidents, Vice Presidents and potential future leaders of your club.

  • What if we cannot afford to bring all of these people? Aim to bring at least one representative of your club. A Vice President or incoming Presidential candidate is a good choice. 

  • How to host Mid-Year Retreat? The applications go out in January-February of every year. Applicants must present their case at ADMERICA during the summer where Ad 2 members will vote on the winning city.

If you have more questions about hosting or attending Ad 2 Mid-Year Retreat, please contact the Vice Chair: vicechair@ad2.org or 2nd Vice Chair: secretary@ad2.org.