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Ad 2 National Public Service Competition

How It Works

  1. Each chapter selects a client, research the clientʼs needs, and use their professional expertise to create a complete, strategic marketing plan tailored to that client’s goals. 

  2. Ad 2 Members execute the plan by creating TV, radio, print, outdoor, digital, interactive, and additional advertising elements. Some campaigns also include branding or logo design, collateral production and public relations initiatives. 

  3. These campaigns are launched to the public. 

  4. The chapters put together their case studies and attend ADMERICA in June to present and compete against other chapters. Each presentation occurs in the same day, and will be live at the conference and broadcasted via Facebook.

  5. A panel of esteemed judges evaluates and scores each presentation. Paired with the score from a book case study submitted earlier in the year, the campaigns are ranked. 

  6. During a Winner’s Ceremony, the top 3 winners are announced. 

  7. The Ad 2 chapter that wins the competition gets the opportunity to present their campaign to all attendees at the AAF National Conference.


Clubs participating in the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition must adhere to the competition rules. View the most recent Ad 2 National Public Service Competition Rules here.

Suggested Outline

Your club is encouraged create a Public Service campaign that is most appropriate to your specific client and team’s capabilities in a given year, and in accordance with the Competition Rules.

If you wish to remain competitive with other clubs, we recommend using this Suggested Outline to plan your year. It was created to include learnings and best practices over the course of several years and will give your team a great foundation.

We also recommend checking your Public Service Presentation against this Judge’s Scoring Sheet. It will be used by the on-site judges at the AAF National Conference.


Each year, the Ad 2 Public Service Competition presentations are scored by an esteemed panel of industry judges from across the nation. While the panel of judges changes each year, the criteria they use to score your campaigns remains the same.

It is recommended that when you’re developing your presentation for competition, you use the Judge’s Score Sheet to check your content and style. You might also want to reference this document before your campaign begins each year. Keep in mind that the oral presentation delivered at ADMERICA will count for 65% of your overall score; your campaign book in Public Service for this year will count for the other 35% of your overall score.

(Note: The judges who score your presentation at ADMERICA, as well as their score of your book, are separate from those from the AAF’s Club Achievement competition. If you place in the Club Achievement competition, you are not guaranteed to do so in the presentation portion. Conversely, if you did not place in the Club Achievement competition, you still have a chance to do so in the presentation portion.)


Average Yearly Campaign Value by Club

$100,000-$150,000 (we've had clubs produce campaign values up to $500,000 before) 

Total Yearly Campaign Value (all clubs combined by year)

Ranging from $615,000 to $1,100,000 depending on the amount of clubs that compete in any given year

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