Presidents' Handbook

Every year, Ad 2 supplies incoming Presidents with an official handbook at ADMERICA. This handbook contains important information that will help you in your presidency.

In it, you will find the following information:​

  • AAF History

  • Ad 2 History, Purpose, and Brand
  • AAF Council of Governors, Region, and District Overviews

  • Ad 2’s National Executive Committee and Mentorship Program
  • Public Service and Club Achievement Info

  • Ad 2 Club of Excellence Program

  • Resources

  • And much, much more!

The 2021-2022 handbook can be found here


Club of Excellence Deadlines

All items are due by 11:59PM Eastern Time on the noted dates. If you have any questions about the below items, please contact your Executive Mentor.

MYR Registration by Friday, 10/23

Up to 225 points (75 points/attendee)

Attend MYR PT. 1 (originally Oct Leadership Roundtable) - 10/27

50 points

Q2 Pulse Report by 12/18

50 points