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Club Leader Resources

Ad 2 National provides its Ad 2 Club Leaders - President's and Board Members - resources to support their club's initiatives. The array of content has been specifically designed to help leaders to increase membership, promote programming, and provide valuable experiences to their members. This area of our website will consistency grow with information you will find beneficial in leading your chapter. 

Group Seflie

Membership Recources

  • Membership Roster Template

  • Membership Certificate Example

  • Welcome Email Template

  • Membership Drive Event Guide

  • Membership benefits 1 sheeter Template

Programming Resources

  • Event Examples/Ideas

    • Happy hour​

    • Trivia

    • Corn Hole

    • Bowling

    • Headshots 

    • Conferences

    • DEI&B Events

  • Sponsorship Guide 

    • Event Sponsorship Packet Example 

    • Sponsorship Call List

Awards Ceremony
Law court
Outdoor Work Meeting

32 under 32

  • Promotions Schedule + Examples

  • Nomination guide

  • Selection Committee Guide

  • Run of Show

  • Best practices 

Government Relations

  • Email Examples 

  • Event Examples 

    • City/State Advertising Day​

    • Happy Hour

  • Local Advertising on the hILL 

  • National Day on the Hill 

D,E,I,&B & Education

  • Event Examples

  • How to integrate DEI&B across the organization

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