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Our History

The history of the national organization began 50 years ago, around the time of World War II. Soldiers returning home to the business world needed a way to transition back to the world they’d spent so much time away from. An advertising convention in Sun Valley, California in 1947 marked the beginning of what would come to be known as our Ad 2 today.

Senior executives at the conference spoke with some younger attendees and expressed concern about a missing component to the professional world. They felt there should be a “junior Ad Club in every major city for the fellows to come back to when they got World War II out of the way.” People would need some support and encouragement to get back into advertising.

The seven attendees to that senior executive pow-wow represented the beginning of Ad 2 and what was to come. That first meeting turned into bi-annual meetings across the country for clubs to meet up and compete. Fabricated products were devised to supplement the creation of entire campaigns that the individual clubs would create. Six-month meetings, or conferences, served as a place for clubs to show off these campaigns and compare their work with clubs across the nation. Six “big wigs” attended the conference and awarded recognition to the top two clubs for their campaigns.

It wasn’t long until the talent of the clubs got out. Being approached by a real client, a successful “real world” campaign was born. This was the beginning of today’s Ad 2 Public Service Campaign history. Today, clubs across the nation take on real clients and develop complete, multi-media campaigns for their client. These campaigns are then showcased at national conferences for all clubs to see. The winners of these competitions are recognized just as they were so long ago. The difference is that today’s work benefits not only its participants but the community. Ad 2 of today’s public service campaigns were born.

Since then, the Ad 2 Public Service Competition has been the signature of the organization. With young advertising professionals working together to make a difference in the communities they represent, through building advertising campaigns and endorsing community service organizations. For all the difference Ad 2 as a national organization has made, it is a tribute to the history of the club that the campaigns will continue as a cornerstone of what the organization stands for.

From 1947 through today: Ad 2 has been a group of people helping people. In personal and professional growth, in bettering our communities, Ad 2 is a group of young, passionate, forward thinking and forward moving people making a difference. We are active, die hard advertising addicts, blazing our way to a brighter tomorrow with style and good company.

Past Chairs

2023-2024: Ariana Peters

2022-2023: Peter Iliopoulos

2021-2022: Tina Tsang

2020-2021: Katie Dirks

2019-2020: Allison (Farris) McCaslin

2018-2019: Kris Solberg

2017-2018: Marissa (Deslatte) Ransdell

2016-2017: Marianne Gjerstad

2014-2016: Lucas Lane

2013-2014: Tai Leong

2012-2013: Krystal Profitt

2011-2012: Kate Lysaught

2010-2011: Lindsay (Ostrowski) Raue

2009-2010: Cheri Reeves 

2008-2009: Elizabeth (Ratliff) Goede

2007-2008: Vinny Tafuro 

2006-2007: Chad Gennow 

2005-2006: Devon Pero

2003-2005: Jocelyn Lee

2001-2003: Tod Visdal

2000-2001: Deana Schade

1999-2000: Jason (Jay) Baer 

We are working on confirming past leadership in the 90's. If you were a past Chair, please reach out to

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