AAF National Club Achievement Competition

National entries due early April 2022 - exact date and time TBC

The AAF Club Achievement Competition recognizes outstanding accomplishments of local AAF clubs and showcases the programs and projects that these clubs undertake each year.

Each year, the American Advertising Federation releases their Club Achievement Call for Entries. This document includes competition rules, awards, specific category definitions, and more. Follow these guidelines closely, as they may change slightly from year-to-year. All Ad 2 clubs are in Division V, which means judges compare books based on other Ad 2 clubs.

The 2021-2022 Call for Entries details have not been released yet by AAF National. Typically they release this in fall 2021. 

For reference, the 2020-2021 Club Achievement Call for Entries can be found here. Make sure to click on the title of each category to see the drop-down criteria. The titles are hyperlinked.